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Clean body care and pure botanical perfumery for today’s woman.


Multi Radiance Oil

Experience a decadent, multi-use oil that revitalizes skin with eleven powerful plant ingredients. Aureo hydrates to leave skin dewy and glowing—never greasy. Aureo’s proprietary blend of oils are rich in omega fatty and amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that treat and nourish.

*This product is 40 percent certified organic.


Botanical Perfume Extract

Dulceo is Cūrata’s premier fragrance and celebrates the modern woman—a harmonious duality of sophistication and sensuality. It is a daily opulence that will become an obsession.

*This product is 55 percent certified organic.


The name ‘Cūrata’ has Latin roots, meaning to restore or care for. We infuse this not only into our ethos, but every experience.

Cūrata is the only luxury body care line to marry sustainable beauty with pure botanical perfumery. Experience mindful, natural, cruelty-free, beauty.

Our Products

Decadent daily rituals punctuated with sensually soft skin and irresistibly delicious scents, Cūrata energizes every moment with natural elegance—ethically.

Sustainable luxury means choices you can live with, embodied in products you can’t live without.

Our Ingredients

We don’t see ‘sustainability’ as a temporary trend or green gimmick—and neither do you. That’s why all of our ingredients are non-toxic, thoughtfully sourced, biodegradable and cruelty-free. They also tend to work better, smell better and feel better than their synthetic counterparts.

Botanical Perfumery

We do not just trust our intuition—we indulge it. In exploring fragrances, Cūrata discovered that natural is better for us, the planet and consistently creates more multidimensional scents. From strength to length to hue, our instinct told us organic and authentic was preferable to synthetic. That pathway led us to botanical perfumery.

Sustainable Luxury

Sustainable luxury is neither a PR move nor green gimmick. It is pleasure, sans ‘guilty’. For Cūrata, it is a journey—one that is more walk the walk than talk the talk.

We understand ‘good’ business is the only business—and luxury should be at the forefront.

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