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From our hands to yours.

Our vision of sustainable luxury ensures each product has a positive impact on consumers’ daily lives, while having the least impact on the planet. This inspired the name ‘Cūrata’, with Latin roots meaning to restore or care for—a notion infused not only into our ethos, but every elegant experience through cherished salves that celebrate women, not try to fix them.

The result is decadent daily rituals punctuated by sensually soft skin and irresistibly delicious scents. Bathing informed the development of Curata’s inaugural products; this universal, timeless form of self-care is a source of purification and renewal, and (re)connects the mind, body and spirit. In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to realign is truly a luxury.

Cūrata is the only luxury body care line to marry sustainable beauty with pure botanical perfumery. Each product is hand-blended exclusively and exquisitely in small batches in Montréal.

We manage every step, from research to development to production, to always be authentic—never synthetic. The benefits speak for themselves: a scent story told across unique top, heart and base notes.

Natural | Biodegradable | Non-Toxic | Cruelty-Free

Luxury in 2019 should not only make women feel good, but help them do good—for themselves and the planet. We are building a sustainable beauty brand that’s better; one that grows feelings of confidence and wellbeing inside women, while protecting the environment that surrounds them.

We invite you to experience certified non-toxic, sustainable and cruelty-free beauty that you will fall in love with!

- Serena Rogers, founder

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