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Botanical Perfumery

We do not just trust our intuition—we indulge it. In exploring fragrances, Cūrata discovered that natural is better for us, the planet and consistently creates more multidimensional scents. From strength to length to hue, our instinct told us organic and authentic was preferable to synthetic. That pathway led us to botanical perfumery.

Botanical perfumery on the surface is blending plant-based extracts from leaves and stems, flowers, wood, seeds and resins to create aromatic compositions. At Cūrata, it is about thinking outside the perfume box and pushing the boundaries of blending. We become intimate with ingredients and their natural chemistry to create scents that are delicious and decadently disruptive.

We see botanical perfumery as more than ‘natural’ or niche—it is a new luxury. It is sustainable luxury. For modern women with modern values who no longer want to compromise their beliefs or experiences. Botanical perfumery creates fragrances with more depth and complexity; reflective and in synch with the plants, earth and environments that created them.

Welcome to an exclusive group who can tell—and smell—the difference.

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